China’s new crown vaccine helps to fight epidemic in many countries

Recently, some countries and regions have approved the registration and marketing or emergency use of China’s new crown vaccine, and more countries and regions have reached vaccine procurement agreements with China. China’s new crown vaccine provides support and confidence for these countries and regions to fight the epidemic.

On January 19, health minister longchar of Serbia was vaccinated with the new crown vaccine produced by Sinopharm group, becoming the first Chinese vaccinator in Serbia. Longchar said after the vaccination that the Chinese vaccine is one of the three new vaccines approved for use in Serbia and is safe and effective. Earlier, the first batch of new crown vaccines produced by Sinopharm arrived in the capital of Serbia on the morning of the 16th. President vuccic of Serbia personally went to the airport to welcome the vaccines. He said that this batch of vaccines is a “proof of the great friendship” between the two countries.

On the 18th, Azerbaijan officially launched the first phase of new crown vaccination. Ogtay hileliev, health minister of Azerbaijan, took the lead in vaccinating the new crown vaccine developed by China Kexing company in Baku, capital of Azerbaijan.

Brazil’s National Bureau of Health Supervision held a special meeting on the 17th, announcing the emergency license for the new crown vaccine developed by China’s Kexing company. Subsequently, the first vaccination work was carried out in the Clinical Hospital of Sao Paulo University. At 5:00 p.m. on the 18th, the vaccination work officially opened in Brazil. In addition to importing vaccines from China, Brazil’s Butantan Research Institute also imports vaccine raw materials from China for local filling to ensure the supply of vaccines in Brazil.

Chile’s Institute of Public Health announced on the 20th that it will grant an emergency license to the new crown vaccine developed by China’s Kexing company. Garcia, acting president of the Chilean Institute of public health, said after the vote of the Expert Committee on the same day that China Kexing vaccine is a safe and effective vaccine, which can effectively reduce the severe infection rate and admission rate, so he decided to give it an emergency use license.

Pakistan’s Drug Administration granted Sinopharm the emergency use authorization of Xinguan inactivated vaccine on the 18th.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was announced in 19 Iraqi health ministry, which approved the use of China made vaccine in Iraq to cope with the new crown pneumonia epidemic. Iraqi health minister Hassan tamimi said on the same day that the Iraqi Ministry of health is ready to receive the new coronal vaccine and has determined the priority population for vaccination. Saif Bader, a spokesman for the Iraqi Ministry of health, said that the Chinese vaccine met the scientific standards set by Iraq’s state drug screening administration.


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