3 dead and 11 injured in explosion in residential building in Spanish capital

A residential building in the Latin Quarter in the center of the Spanish capital Madrid exploded on the 20th, killing at least 3 people and injuring 11 people, one of whom was seriously injured.

   The explosion occurred at around 15:00 local time, causing serious damage to the upper 4 floors of the residential building.

   Preliminary investigation revealed that this accident was caused by the explosion of a natural gas pipeline in the building caused by a boiler explosion. According to media reports such as Le Monde, the building’s gas boiler had malfunctioned a few days ago, and maintenance was delayed due to heavy snow in the Madrid area. The three people killed this time included an electrician who came to repair the boiler.

   Carlos Hernando, spokesperson for the Madrid Fire Department, said that the natural gas leak in the building has stopped and firefighters can enter the building.

   Currently, nearby residents have been evacuated and will temporarily stay in nearby hotels.


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