What can treat mammary gland hyperplasia to treat mammary gland hyperplasia to have what method

What can treat mammary gland hyperplasia

Taking some medicine can treat hyperplasia of mammary glands, such as xiaojindan, Xiaoyaosan, asparagin tablets, vitamin E, etc. these drugs can relieve the pain of patients. During the treatment, patients need to pay attention to keep a good and comfortable mood, which is more important. They can’t always be irritable.

Mom has got mammary gland hyperplasia now, it is the time that went to the hospital last month to check out, these days she always can say to feel a few lumps appeared inside the breast, and the breast still can have the feeling of a little distending pain appeared, what to eat can treat mammary gland hyperplasia.

1, take some medicine to treat breast hyperplasia, will have a good effect, patients can go to the pharmacy to buy a little gold elixir for treatment, the effect will be very good, patients usually also need to pay attention to the diet light some, avoid eating some too greasy things, and also don’t eat some spicy, cold, stimulating strong food, usually the patient’s body must be healthy To pay attention to a lot of exercise is very good, can enhance immunity, and patients usually sleep, we must pay attention not to squeeze their breasts.

2. Patients can take Xiaoyao Powder orally, This drug for the treatment of breast hyperplasia, it will have a good effect, patients can rest assured to use, when there is swelling pain, patients can hot compress the affected area, it will have a good effect of relief, patients can eat more nutritious food, usually can eat more eggs, and eat more lean meat is also very good You can’t eat seafood, and you can’t eat some hot food to avoid aggravating the disease.

3. Patients with hyperplasia of mammary glands can take asparagin tablets orally, Vitamin E treatment, the combination of the two will have a better therapeutic effect, if patients use the above drugs do not work, they can also take some drugs to control estrogen function, will also have the effect of relieving symptoms, usually patients should pay attention to drink more juice is also very good, and usually need to eat some light and easy to digest food, is it Can not eat some hard easy to lead to fire things, to maintain a good mood.

What method does treatment mammary gland hyperplasia have

There are many ways to treat breast hyperplasia, such as the use of estrogen and progesterone intervention. You can take some Chinese patent medicine which has the effect of softening, strengthening and dispersing knots. You can also choose physical therapy, such as local moxibustion, hot compress, infrared irradiation and so on. If the symptoms of breast pain are severe, non steroidal drugs can also be taken to relieve the symptoms. Suffering from hyperplasia of mammary glands, usually pay attention to avoid fatigue, maintain a relaxed and happy mood


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