What are the reasons for hypotension? What’s good for hypotension

What are the causes of hypotension

1. Heart disease

When suffering from cardiac insufficiency, myocardial infarction, and aortic stenosis, it will affect the function of the heart to pump blood, reduce the amount of blood transported by the heart, and cause circulatory disturbance and hypotension.

2. Telangiectasia

Because bacteria or toxins invade the peripheral blood vessels, the blood vessels lose their contractile function, leading to vasodilation, blood pressure drop and circulatory dysfunction hypotension.

3. Temporary massive blood loss

Because of the massive bleeding of operation and trauma, the blood volume of the internal circulation decreased sharply, which caused temporary hypotension.

4. Hypothyroidism

When the thyroid function is weakened, there will be hypodynamia, physical and mental fatigue, chills, dry skin and other phenomena, resulting in endocrine dysfunction hypotension.

5. Addison’s disease

Suffering from this disease will affect the secretion of accessory renal cortical hormones, making the patient appear skin blackening, nausea, vomiting and hypotension.

What to eat for low blood pressure

1. Low blood pressure, appropriate to eat more salt. Absorb more salt, can improve blood pressure, improve dizziness, drowsiness and other symptoms. But the intake of salt should not be too high. If you drink more water together and your blood pressure is low, you should pay attention to drinking more water. After more water enters the blood, you can increase the blood volume and improve the blood pressure.

2. Low blood pressure increases dietary nutrition, eat more warm and nourishing food for spleen and kidney, good food for spleen and kidney has great help for low blood pressure; eat more easily digestible protein food, such as chicken, egg, fish, cheese, milk, etc. these common foods in life are more digestible protein food, so eat less and eat more. Eat more lotus seeds, longan, jujube, mulberry and other fruits, such dried fruit is also a good food for hypotension, these foods have the power of nourishing heart and blood, strengthening spleen and brain.

3. Patients with low blood pressure in peacetime can eat more ginger, ginger can promote digestion, stomach, high blood pressure, blood pressure can play a very good regulatory role. Ginger powder can be sprinkled in vegetable soup or soaked in water instead of tea. Such drinking method is good for human body. Eat less winter melon, watermelon, celery, hawthorn, bitter gourd, mung bean, if blood pressure is low, do not eat, garlic, kelp, onion, sunflower seeds and other food with antihypertensive effect.

4. Low blood pressure, choose appropriate high sodium, high cholesterol diet, are some of the better food. Sodium chloride (that is, salt) daily intake of 12-15 grams, this number for friends with low blood pressure is a standard value. Brain, liver, eggs, cream, fish eggs, pig bones and other foods with more cholesterol, the content of cholesterol in these foods is relatively high. If you eat them regularly in an appropriate amount, you can raise your blood pressure.


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