Is hemolytic anemia hereditary? What is congenital anemia

Is hemolytic anemia hereditary

Can hemolytic anemia be inherited? This is a problem that many friends are very concerned about. Let’s invite experts to give us a detailed introduction, hoping to help our friends.

Hemolytic anemia is mainly the destruction of human red blood cells, so there will be symptoms of red blood cell hemolysis, which will lead to a reduction in the number of red blood cells, and finally there will be symptoms of anemia. Hemolytic anemia can be generally divided into abnormal hemolysis of erythrocyte membrane, hereditary hemolytic anemia of erythrocyte enzyme deficiency, and hemolytic anemia caused by abnormal hemoglobin and heme. Hemolytic anemia caused by the lack of hereditary red blood cell enzyme is generally hereditary, so this question must be answered specifically. Hemolytic anemia may be inherited.

Hemolytic anemia patients generally have palpitations, fatigue, loss of appetite, menstrual disorders and other symptoms, complexion withered and yellow, so for hemolytic anemia, you can choose to use some traditional Chinese medicine method for treatment, you can choose to use Astragalus, Ziheche donkey hide gelatin decoction, and then add some tonic drugs, generally yam, coix seed and so on. These are more common treatment of anemia some drugs, so in daily life can choose to eat more, in fact, donkey hide gelatin blood effect is very good. Or in ordinary life can also eat some red jujube brown sugar also has a good blood tonic effect, in ordinary life must pay attention to personal nutrition, can eat some high protein rich nutrition food, but for stimulating food, had better not contact.

What disease is congenital anemia

How to treat congenital anemia? We often say that anemia refers to acquired iron deficiency anemia. Generally speaking, to treat fundamentally, we need to find the right cause, so we should first understand what congenital anemia refers to and what causes it. So, how can congenital anemia be treated?

How to treat congenital anemia? We often say that anemia refers to acquired iron deficiency anemia, then what does congenital anemia refer to. Generally speaking, we say that anemia should be supplemented with iron, but what should congenital anemia be supplemented with. First of all, we want to get what congenital anemia is, according to the etiology to find treatment. So, how can congenital anemia be treated?


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