The difference between axillary sweat and body odor

The difference between axillary sweat and body odor

In summer, if you have a bad smell on your body, it will not only affect your mood, but also affect interpersonal communication. If it’s just because you sweat a lot, you should take a bath and change clothes every day. But for patients with body odor, it should be actively treated. If you don’t know whether you have sweat or body odor in your armpit. In this case, we should know more about the difference between the two, only in this way can we correctly distinguish armpit sweat and body odor.

First, the smell is different, armpit sweat smell has a sour smell, often people around may not smell. The smell of body odor is relatively heavy, even pungent, people around the smell of body odor will feel particularly disgusting.

Second, whether there is residue, axillary sweat smell will disappear after bathing, as long as you insist on bathing every day, axillary sweat smell will not appear again. And the body odor is the odor after sweat gland secretion, so even if you take a bath every day, the body odor will not disappear.

Third, the organs that produce odor are different. From the physiological point of view, the sweat glands of human body are mainly divided into two types: eccrine and apocrine. Axillary sweat was mainly secreted by eccrine glands, while Hu Chao was mainly secreted by apocrine glands.

Mild body odor symptoms

Body odor is also divided into mild and severe, if it is mild body odor may not smell so serious, but with the hand under the armpit, or can smell the bad smell, but, mild body odor others generally can’t feel, many people have a question, this also belongs to Fox odor? Today Xiaobian will tell you what symptoms mild body odor has?

What symptom does light body odor have? There are two kinds of sweat glands in human body, one is apocrine, the other is eccrine. The former is only distributed in the armpit, external auditory canal and vulva, while the latter is distributed all over the body. Sweat gland secretions contain a large number of unsaturated fatty acids, which can be decomposed by bacteria on the surface of skin to produce odorous small molecule organic matter, while sweat gland secretions are mainly composed of all kinds of salts and water. Therefore, the production of body odor is the result of the joint action of sweat glands and bacteria.

Mild body odor is not easy to be detected, even the patients themselves will ignore, but when sweating too much, underwear will be dyed yellow, the smell on the clothes is difficult to remove. Therefore, patients should pay more attention to their own health habits, timely prevention and control work, to avoid the deterioration of the disease due to improper treatment.

Mild body odor generally does not attract the attention of others, but as patients themselves to do a good job in treatment. For mild body odor, surgical treatment is not recommended. Pay attention to daily living habits and diet, and keep a good mood. Avoid working and studying in a muggy environment. If you stay in a muggy environment for a long time, body odor symptoms will aggravate.


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