What are the early symptoms of kidney stones caused by kidney stones

How does kidney stone cause

We all know that the kidney is one of our most important organs, its main function is to produce urine metabolic waste discharge, once the kidney causes a variety of diseases, it will bring great harm to the body, so how can kidney stones be caused? The specific reasons are summarized in the following aspects.

First of all, in our daily life, we will ask everyone to eat more fruits and vegetables, but excessive consumption of some vegetables and fruits containing calcium oxalate is harmful to the body. Food with high calcium oxalate content is not easy to be digested and absorbed by the body, so it is easy to gather together to form kidney stones.

Secondly, friends may sit all day because of their work, but they don’t know that such behavior often leads to the occurrence of kidney stones. This is because if they don’t exercise for a long time and don’t go to the toilet to urinate in time, then the calcium in the urine will precipitate in the body, and kidney stones will occur as time goes on.

Finally, friends who don’t like drinking water are also prone to kidney stones. This is because if the urine continues to decrease, the concentration will increase, and the increased urine will continue to produce some crystals, which will deposit in the kidney to form stones.

What does the inchoate symptom of kidney stone have

What you need to know is that kidney stone is different from stone disease in other places, it is easy to cause very serious consequences to the kidney, so early understanding of the early symptoms of kidney stone can be treated as soon as possible. Xiaobian summarizes the following aspects for you, let’s look at them together.

1. Some stone patients will have some asymptomatic manifestations in the early stage, but a small amount of red blood cells and white blood cells will be found through urine examination. Therefore, if patients find these similar symptoms, they should pay enough attention and seize the time for treatment.

2, most of the patients will have some dull pain in the waist, and there will be hematuria after strenuous exercise. At the same time, patients will have obvious pain in the kidney, and even show pale, cold sweat straight, blood pressure is constantly falling, and there are symptoms of nausea, vomiting and abdominal distension.

3. In the acute attack of kidney stones, patients will have some fever, urgency, frequency and pain of urination in varying degrees. Some patients even have some symptoms of infection, and pyuria will appear when urinating.


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