Can physical examination detect body odor? Can body odor be infected

Can physical examination detect body odor

Axillary osmidrosis, also known as body odor, is a special yellowish brown mushy sweat secreted by the armpit of patients, and is characterized by a specific odor. It mainly occurs in young and middle-aged men and women. It is called “hidrosis” in medicine. Guidance suggestion: take appropriate amount of ginger and sulfonated wine, wash armpit with hot water first, then wipe armpit with ginger until skin is slightly congested, and then apply sulfonated wine. Twice a day for 15 days. When wiping armpits with ginger, be careful not to scratch the skin. It is an effective and thorough method to remove sweat gland only by operation.

Can body odor infect

Body odor is always bothering people. Make them bear great psychological pressure, no matter where they go, they will be talked about. The smell from patients with body odor has brought great inconvenience to their life, and this smell is more obvious in summer. At this time, some people will ask, can body odor be contagious?

Body odor is not a disease, it is a kind of axillary hidrosis, it will emit a special pungent smell, more serious in summer, sweating, thin clothes, smell in public places, will make the body odor patients become extremely embarrassed. According to statistics, 80% of people in European and American countries have body odor. They think it is a common physiological phenomenon, but people in China are very sensitive to body odor. Some people even think that the body odor will be infectious, so as soon as they see the body odor patients, they will stay away from it. In fact, this is unscientific, and the body odor will not be infectious.

Body odor is not contagious. It is related to genetic factors, personal constitution and sweat gland structure. It is not caused by a certain pathogen, so it will not be transmitted to others through physical contact. It’s not contagious. It’s hereditary. According to relevant reports, if parents suffer from body odor, the risk of children suffering from it will be very high. Clinical shows that more than 80% of patients with body odor are caused by heredity. Body odor mostly occurs in adolescence, and can be reduced or disappeared in old age.


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