Pen to wave: unite not to become empty slogan

Biden delivered his inaugural address earlier

Zhang Wenyuan

“The darkest night before dawn” is perhaps the most appropriate portrayal of American politics. Exactly two weeks ago, congress hill was attacked by the supporters of then president trump, and the American democratic system fell into a dark trough. Two weeks later, Biden took the oath of office here, as if he were rebuilding the once brilliant skyscraper brick by brick on a vast ruins. Biden emphasized unity in his speech To deal with a series of crises such as the new coronavirus, economic recession and racial hatred, however, the word “unity” is easy to know but difficult to do. How to eliminate Trump’s legacy, extend an olive branch to the Republican Party, test Biden’s accumulated power in politics all his life, and avoid unity becoming an empty slogan.

Biden’s inauguration ceremony ushered in many familiar faces, including former presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama, marking the return of the old order in the political arena. However, we can’t rely on “going back to the past” to set things right. Biden also has to deal with the disasters and contradictions planted by these former presidents when they were in power, which are also the root of Trump’s rise All kinds of crises in the United States are intertwined, and three feet of ice is not a day’s cold. The failure of anti epidemic can not only be attributed to trump’s ignorance and paranoia, but also reflects some Americans’ long-term distrust of the government, experts and scientific knowledge. In terms of economy and race, the gap between the rich and the poor is the evil result of Washington’s closing to large enterprises and ignoring the vulnerable groups for many years. Trump boasted that the stock market is prosperous and economic Economic growth has blinded the people’s income inequality and tax evasion of large enterprises. However, in the economic downturn and rising social discontent, racial antagonism has become increasingly fierce and obvious, triggering a large-scale black affirmative movement. Trump’s four years in office is undoubtedly a catastrophe for the United States, but the good thing is that it exposes all kinds of social scars, highlights the fragility of the democratic system, and gives Americans a chance to have a better life Biden must improve the political and economic operation mode of the United States from the structural level. The fight against the epidemic involves the common interests of the whole country, which will become an opportunity for Biden to unite all walks of life and carry out drastic reform.

Before reform, it is necessary to dismantle the bomb. Before leaving office, trump planted many political mines for Biden. Some can be corrected by signing an executive order, while others need time to mend. For example, trump damaged the relationship between the United States and China and its Western allies, and strengthened pressure on Iran to prevent Biden from restoring American leadership and promoting peace in the Middle East. Trump laid the most dangerous mines There is no more “landmine” than trump himself. Before he left office, he launched “the last madness” to incite thugs to attack Congress, which pushed the political hatred, conspiracy theory and violence in American society to the peak in the past four years. This incident prompted Congress to impeach trump, and the Democratic Party planned to pursue his incitement, so as to cut off Trump’s chance to run for president again. However, after trump left the White House, the Democratic Party decided to impeach him In his farewell speech, he threatened to “come back in some form”. The report even pointed out that he intended to set up a new political party to continue to exert influence. Biden, on the one hand, had to set things right and fight against Trump’s influence. On the other hand, he had to avoid acting too hastily. If the Democratic Party oppressed trump and his party members excessively, it might turn trump into a “martyr” in the eyes of populists and extremists and lead to a more serious situation Fierce confrontation runs counter to what Biden calls unity.

As Biden stressed in his speech, unity is the cornerstone of democracy, which is also a concept ignored by recent administrations. Obama’s two terms of office are under the banner of “change” and “progress”, while trump ignites the flame of “anger”. For a long time, reconciliation and healing have been the most lacking in American politics and the people, which has led to the prevalence of hatred, abuse and criticism. What’s really important is that we should pay attention to it Unity is not to keep warm; true unity is not to suppress all opposition. Biden and the Democratic Party must not belittle the 74 million voters who voted for trump. Whether their demands can be answered will determine the success or failure of Biden’s new deal, and whether the United States will usher in the dawn or the longer darkness.

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