Fudge’s feeling of “throwing off difficulties”: you can speak freely at last

Fudge, director of the National Institute of allergy and infectious diseases of the United States and chief medical adviser to President Biden’s administration, attended the World Health Organization Conference by video the day before yesterday. Later, he said in a briefing at the White House that after former president trump left office, he was finally able to focus on scientific facts and make suggestions for the new government.

Fudge said that after his meeting with Biden, he knew that the new government would respond to the new crown epidemic with a transparent, open and honest attitude, correct mistakes in time, and implement epidemic prevention measures in accordance with scientific basis. Fudge frankly said that he was not willing to “turn over the old account”, but trump ignored scientific guidelines during his term of office, and even claimed that the anti malaria drug hydroxychloroquine could treat the new crown. All kinds of words and deeds were disturbing. Fudge also said that he was not willing to “turn over the old account” Even if he disagrees with Biden, he will not feel pressure. “To be able to express his own ideas, explain the facts, and let science speak is the feeling of freedom.”

Fudge pointed out that the epidemic situation in the United States is still severe, but the existing new coronal vaccine still has protection against the variant virus. Scientists can also improve the variant virus on the basis of the existing vaccine in the future. He believes that if the United States can vaccinate at least 70% of the population before the end of this summer, people’s life is expected to gradually return to normal this autumn.

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