Canadian governor resigns after being accused of bullying

Canadian governor resigns after being accused of bullying ● Payet resigns over bullying scandal. Reuters

Last year, governor Payet of Canada was exposed by the media to bully his subordinates in the governor’s office. The independent investigation report confirmed this. Payet announced his resignation the day before yesterday, becoming the first governor in Canadian history. Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau said he had received Payet’s resignation, stressing that Canadian public servants have the right to work in a safe and healthy environment, but did not express his gratitude for Payet’s work.

CBC disclosed in July last year that, More than 10 former staff members of the governor’s house said that since Payet took office as governor in 2017, he and Lorenzo, his secretary, have publicly abused the staff of the governor’s house for many times. The working atmosphere is bad, and dozens of people can not bear to be humiliated and resign. Payet also spent a lot of money to repair Lido Hall of the governor’s house, but failed to move in after the completion of the work. In his resignation, Payet apologized for the incident and hoped that his successor would safeguard the governor’s house Image and national interests.

Payet, 57, is Canada’s first female astronaut and has been launched twice. After Payet’s resignation, Canada’s chief justice Wagner will act as governor. As a commonwealth country, Canada’s governor’s successor will be nominated by Prime Minister Trudeau and appointed by Queen Elizabeth II for a five-year term

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