The number of suicides rebounded after a ten-year decline

The number of suicides among primary and secondary school students in Japan last year was 440, a 40 year high

According to the suicide statistics of the Japanese police agency, the number of suicides in Japan last year reached 20, 919, an increase of 750 or 3.7% compared with that in 2019. This is the first time that the number of suicides in China has picked up after a 10-year decline. According to the analysis of the data, the suicide Strategy Promotion Office of the Ministry of health, health and labor describes the situation as grim. The new epidemic situation is rampant or has an impact on the people in all aspects. In addition to providing economic and living assistance, the government will also expand the consultation channels so that the people can contact the relevant support agencies according to different worries Structure.

According to the data, there were 13943 male suicides last year, which decreased for 11 consecutive years, while the number of female suicides increased by 885 to 6976, a five-year high. The number of suicides among primary and secondary school students was 440, a record high since 1980.

Suicide note of infected woman

The NHK reported that a 30-year-old woman in Tokyo who recuperated from the epidemic committed suicide earlier this month, leaving a note at the scene saying “I’m sorry for the trouble caused by me”. The authorities are investigating the incident. The report pointed out that although there were almost no symptoms after the death, the people around her worried that she might be infected.

Lu Zi Ueda, an associate professor of political science at Waseda University, said that the rise in the number of suicides in Japan is a major event, and the new crown epidemic is certainly an important reason. “We can’t rule out the possibility of another rise this year.” she said that many diagnosed patients are not only worried about their own health, but also may worry about whether they will infect their families, and may even be severely condemned by the society, so they bear different mental burdens She called on local health care departments not only to care about the physical health of patients, but also to master the psychological health of patients more carefully, and take necessary measures to take full care of them. ● comprehensive report

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