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Google was strongly dissatisfied with Australia’s planned news payment bill, and even threatened to shut down its search engine in Australia yesterday. However, just one day ago, Google signed an agreement with the French news industry on news payment, paving the way for the payment of news content to the media.

Google signed an agreement with the French press about two years ago when the European Union promoted the protection of the “right of adjacency”, that is, to pay for the display of news content in search results on the Internet. Google initially refused to do the same. Last year, due to the new copyright law, it stopped displaying the news of European publishing houses to French users. The court later ordered Google to negotiate with publishing houses in April.

A number of French newspapers, including Le Monde and Le Figaro, reached an agreement with Google in November last year. On Thursday, Google signed an agreement with apig. The two sides successfully worked out a framework for Google to discuss copyright agreements with different newspapers individually. The amount of payment will also be calculated individually according to the click through rate, data volume and other indicators, which will help Google develop new business News showcase.

The Australian government requires Google and other scientific and technological enterprises to pay the media for the display of news, otherwise they will be fined a huge amount. The press is dissatisfied with Google’s use of displaying news search results to earn millions of dollars in advertising profits, but refuses to share it with the news industry. Google retorts that the display of headlines and reports in the search results will help to increase the number of views on news websites and help the industry Benefits.

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