Chinese Embassy in Russia issues “Spring Festival package” to the people studying in Russia

Zhang Hanhui, Chinese ambassador to Russia, took a group photo with representatives of those studying in Russia

Moscow, January 22 (Qu Haiqi, Li Mingqi) – on the 22nd local time, the Chinese Embassy in Russia held a “Spring Festival package” issuing ceremony. Chinese ambassador to Russia Zhang Hanhui attended and spoke, and representatives of Chinese students from some universities in Moscow attended the ceremony.

Ambassador Zhang Hanhui first extended New Year greetings to all the students studying abroad. He stressed that the party and the government are always concerned about the health and safety of overseas students, and the Chinese Embassy and consulate in Russia always put the work of overseas students in the first place. The young generation is the future of the motherland and the hope of the nation. The majority of overseas students are young. They are not only the witnesses of history, but also the creators of history. They are the most brave, United, energetic and resilient youth group. They are also the most patriotic, national and great power citizen of the young generation. Students in a foreign country, shoulder a glorious and arduous mission and task. Ambassador Zhang Hanhui hoped that everyone would help and care for each other in material and spiritual aspects, show positive energy to the people of all countries, and show the high quality, strong patriotic feelings, international morality and humanistic spirit of Chinese students studying abroad. At the same time, we should maintain physical and mental health, develop excellent skills, and serve our country as soon as possible. Chinese embassies and consulates in Russia will continue to coordinate resources of all parties and make every effort to solve all kinds of difficulties encountered by students studying abroad. Finally, Ambassador Zhang Hanhui highly affirmed the indomitable fighting spirit and fearless spirit of the overseas students in the process of anti epidemic, and hoped that everyone would continue to live a positive life in the new year, study hard, actively prevent the epidemic, and jointly meet the final victory of anti epidemic.

Chinese ambassador to Russia Zhang Hanhui issued “Spring Festival package” to representatives of personnel studying in Russia

Zhong Lei, vice president of the Chinese students’ Association studying in Russia, on behalf of all the students studying in Russia, expressed his heartfelt thanks for the care and care from the motherland! He said that the party and the government are always concerned about the health and safety of the vast number of overseas students. The Chinese Embassy and consulate in Russia has been making every effort to help students fight the epidemic and solve all kinds of difficulties and problems. When the Chinese traditional festival Spring Festival is coming, the “Spring Festival package” from the motherland makes them feel the strong flavor of the new year and the warmth of their home in a foreign country, and feel especially happy, warm and proud. The Federation of Chinese students studying in Russia will work together with the student unions of various schools to be a good “courier” and deliver the motherland’s care and love to every student studying abroad.

“Spring Festival bag” from the motherland

After the ceremony, Lu continued to send the “Spring Festival package” full of new year elements such as “Fu” written by the diplomats of the embassy to the China Federation of higher education.


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