Indonesia sj182 flight search and rescue work officially stopped preliminary identification of the cause of the air crash

People’s daily, Jakarta, January 22 (reporter Zhang Jie) – Indonesian Minister of transport Budi said in tanjungbulu port search and rescue center on January 21 that due to various considerations, Indonesia’s crash search and rescue joint team officially stopped the search and rescue operation of sj182 flight on January 21. In order to respect the victims, the search and rescue team will plant flowers at the crash site in the waters of the Thousand Island Islands to pray for the dead. So far, the joint search and rescue team has found 325 bags of corpses, 68 small pieces of aircraft wreckage, and 55 large pieces of aircraft wreckage. 43 victims have been identified and 32 bodies have been handed over to the victims’ families and compensation has been provided.

Utomo, chief investigator of Indonesia’s National Transportation Safety Commission, said on the 22nd that according to the data from the black box containing the flight data recorder, one of the possible causes of the sj82 flight crash was the failure of the automatic throttle system. In order to prove this inference, the search and rescue team will continue to search another black box storing cockpit voice recorder, and use the information stored in it to verify with the data of the first black box, so as to find out the real cause of the crash. However, the search and rescue personnel admitted that due to the impact of the crash in the sea, the positioning beacons on the two black boxes fell off. In addition, the plane broke down into small pieces after the crash, and it was almost impossible to find it again after dozens of days.

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