This Russian app helped little trump a lot

Original title: this Russian app has helped little trump a lot

Donald Trump, the son of former US President trump, recently released a video about why he used the mobile app “telegram” created by Russian Internet entrepreneur Pavel durov, according to the satellite news agency.

“Hello, this is little trump,” he said in a video released by telegraph. I’m very happy to be here, in the telegram. I need a place where I can communicate with my friends. ” According to him, the telegraph offers possibilities for both conservatives and liberals, and does not participate in the “clean conservatives” activities of traditional social networks.

According to the report, Trump’s “telegraph” account had about 300000 subscribers a week ago, and now it has exceeded 540000 subscribers. At the same time, his twitter account is still more popular, where he has more than 6.6 million followers. Twitter had previously frozen little Trump’s account for tweets that the company found were in violation of the platform policy.

The report also said that the mainstream social network dominated by twitter froze the account of former US President trump and deprived him of his favorite way of communication with his supporters. Since then, Republican supporters, especially former president Trump’s supporters, have moved to “telegraph” on a large scale.

In the context of the new policy of freezing trump account and WhatsApp to share user information with Facebook, Telegraph has become one of the most downloaded apps in the United States.


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