McConnell “wants trump to disappear”

Schumer, the Democratic leader of the U.S. Senate, said the day before yesterday that the impeachment clause against former president trump will be submitted to the Senate tomorrow and will be tried on the 8th of next month. The timetable for this trial is formulated through consultation between the democratic and Republican parties, which can allow the Senate to confirm the appointment of President Biden’s cabinet as soon as possible, promote the anti epidemic relief bill, and give Trump’s legal team more time to prepare for defense CNN quoted news that dozens of senior Republicans are lobbying party friends to turn over and support the conviction of trump, and Senate Republican leader McConnell also privately disclosed that he hopes trump will “disappear.”.

After the impeachment clause accusing trump of sedition is submitted to the Senate tomorrow, 100 senators will be sworn in as impeachment jurors in the future. Schumer said that although all parties want to forget the terrible incident of the riots in Congress, they need to seek the truth and investigate the responsibility before they can heal and unite the country. At present, both parties have 50 seats in the Senate, which means that at least 17 Republicans need to defecte, In order to convict trump, McConnell recently publicly denounced trump for instigating violence, but he has yet to show his intention to vote.

Democrats point out that as members have experienced the riots in Congress, once the trial begins, witnesses are not required to testify, thus speeding up the pace of the trial. In the past, the Senate took 37 days to hear the impeachment case of former President Clinton and 21 days to hear the impeachment case of Trump’s “tongwumen” the year before last.

Trump: will do something

Trump, who is on holiday at sea lake manor in Florida, made his first public speech after leaving office the day before yesterday. He had a brief talk with a reporter in the restaurant of his golf club and said, “we will do something, but not now.” recently, some staff planted palm trees around the golf course of sea lake manor, presumably to prevent the media from filming Trump’s inside story Comprehensive report

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