Black doctor accused of being killed by white doctor

Discrimination against ethnic minorities also exists in the US medical system. A black doctor in Indiana died of new crown pneumonia last month. She said on Facebook that she was discriminated against by white doctors during treatment, and even lobbied her to leave the hospital in serious condition. After she left the hospital, her condition deteriorated and eventually died.

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Moore, 52, was diagnosed with new coronal pneumonia on November 29 last year. She was admitted to the North District Hospital of Indiana University for treatment. After that, she repeatedly wrote in FB about her experience of being discriminated against. Because Moore is also a doctor, she knew her condition well. When she received a lung scan, she told a white doctor that she had difficulty breathing. The doctor said that there was no problem, but she found it from the lung scan Her lung had already been damaged. Moore also told her doctor that she wanted to get a prescription for redcivir, but the other side refused because she was not qualified for prescription drugs. Moore described the attitude of the white doctor when she asked for painkillers, which made her feel like a drug addict.

Moore was later discharged from hospital. Her son said that her mother was very weak at that time. Later, her condition deteriorated and she needed to be admitted to intensive care unit (ICU). She died on the 20th of last month. Moore said in FB before he died that “black people were killed in this way. If I were white, I would not have to go through all this.” Moore’s experience has aroused people’s concern about the medical injustice suffered by ethnic minorities In response, the hospital said that it was Moore himself who asked to be discharged, but later said that he would investigate the incident and stressed that he would pay attention to any accusations of discrimination.

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