Who reports cold chain communicable disease

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal the day before yesterday, China has recently recorded a number of confirmed cases of new coronavirus, believing that imported frozen food may be the source of the virus, and strengthening the detection and disinfection of relevant food. The World Health Organization has also indicated in a draft report on the risk of epidemic transmission of frozen food that the new coronavirus can re introduce the virus into the countries under control through the frozen food supply chain However, the United States and the European Union objected to China’s claim and claimed that China imposed unfair restrictions on food imports without any justification.

China has detected the new coronavirus in imported US pork, Saudi Arabian frozen shrimp and Brazilian beef, so it is mandatory to detect and disinfect imported food. The Wall Street Journal pointed out that the draft report sent by who to the paper stated that there is a risk of exporting the virus to other countries in the frozen food supply chain. “Recent studies and reports have shown that the new coronavirus can be detected in snow and in other countries The virus can spread from frozen product packaging to individuals. “It also refers to” in the process of international shipping, the new coronavirus can remain in frozen food or its packaging. “Who officials later clarified that the final wording has not been finalized. ● comprehensive report

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