Covax signs 40 million doses of Pfizer for low and middle income countries

The World Health Organization said the day before yesterday that the who’s “new crown vaccine safeguard mechanism” (covax) has reached an agreement with Pfizer and biontech, a German biotechnology company, to obtain 40 million doses of vaccine, which is expected to be distributed to low – and middle-income countries through the covax program from next month.

It’s expected to start beating poor countries’ doctors and nurses in February

Covax, led by who and GAVI, has signed a number of agreements to obtain hundreds of millions of doses of vaccines for low – and middle-income countries. Pfizer vaccine is the only vaccine approved by who.

Pfizer chief executive Bula said that Pfizer expects to produce 2 billion doses of vaccine this year, of which the above 40 million doses will be sold on a non-profit basis. He said that this is only a preliminary agreement and that more vaccines will be provided through the covax program in the future.

Who director general Tan Desai said that after reaching a new agreement with Pfizer, it should be possible to fight medical staff in low – and middle-income countries from February, but the details of the supply arrangement have not yet been finalized. He expressed the hope that the agreement will encourage other countries to donate more Pfizer vaccines to support the who program and quickly vaccinate people in low – and middle-income countries.

Pfizer launches children’s vaccine test

Pfizer said the day before yesterday that it has started the clinical test of the new crown vaccine for children aged 12 to 15, but did not disclose the time when the test results will be released. Although many children in the United States have been infected with the disease or even died, only people aged 16 or above are allowed to receive Pfizer vaccine in the United States. Some experts have indicated that in order to find out the appropriate dose for children and ensure the safety and safety of the vaccine for different age groups It is necessary to test the vaccine in children.

A total of 2259 volunteers aged between 12 and 15 participated in the Pfizer clinical trial to study the efficacy of the vaccine on children by comparing the infection rates of the vaccine group and the placebo group. According to the data of the American children’s Hospital Association, as of the 14th of this month, there were 2.5 million confirmed cases of children in the United States, accounting for 13% of the total cases, 659 children were diagnosed with multiple system inflammatory syndrome and 26 died

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