Leonard was criticized, the two super giants backed James, Xiao Hua on the hot search

Today is the NBA Super Game Day. There are 9 games in total, and there are naturally many unpopular games. In addition to the game, the information outside the court is also rich. To sum up the probability: Leonard was criticized, the two super giants supported James, and Xiao Hua was a hot search! Leonard […]

Cancer does not come suddenly, doctors advise, stay away from cancer cells, the four minor diseases are best treated in time

I discovered chronic atrophic gastritis 10 years ago. After taking the medicine for a month, I thought that the disease was cured, so I didn’t care about it. Unexpectedly, as time goes by, Uncle Ge feels more and more stomach upset. Later, he came to the hospital for treatment again. Through gastroscopy, I found that […]

Champions League 1/8 finals: Barcelona meet Paris, Chelsea vs. Atletico

The draw for the 2020-2021 UEFA Champions League quarter-finals will be held in Nyon, Switzerland. The final draw is as follows (the former will play at home first): Monchengladbach v Manchester City Lazio VS Bayern Munich Atletico Madrid VS Chelsea Leipzig Red Bull VS Liverpool Porto v Juventus Barcelona VS Paris Saint-Germain Seville v Dortmund […]

Mourinho: Although I have suffered a three-game losing streak, I might be able to give you a championship

After losing 0-1 to Chelsea, Tottenham suffered a three-game losing streak. This is also the first time the team has suffered a three-game losing streak since 2012. In this regard, coach Mourinho said that although it suffered three consecutive losses Lost, but he can bring a long-lost championship trophy to Tottenham fans. When asked if […]

The alarm bell rings for the end of get out of class! Mourinho was pointed out by Qian Fu: No tactics, just want to steal a goal

Tottenham lost 0-1 to Chelsea. Mourinho was the loser in this game. Before the game, he also used the Blues triple crown to pressure Tuchel, but was defeated by his opponent. After the game, he put the reason for the loss on the penalty kick, thinking that it was a point kick. Mourinho has a […]

Ronaldo’s 36th birthday speech: I’m sorry I can’t promise you another 20 years

On the night of his 36th birthday, Ronaldo posted a testimonial via social media, “Time flies, I am sorry that I cannot promise you another 20 years.” Ronaldo wrote: “36 years old, I can’t believe it! I feel that everything started yesterday, but this journey is full of unforgettable adventures and stories. My first football, […]

21st in my career! Trumpu became the first person in the 80s generation of snooker

There is no suspense in the final of the 2021 snooker German masters. Trump beat his good brother Lisovsky 9-2 to win the 4th championship of the season and the 21st championship of his career, becoming the first successful player to defend his title. This is also the first ranking champion of this year. At […]

The new king should be established! Suning won the treasure champion of this special year

Evergrande must accept such a defeat. This is the second time that they have let the fans feel such disappointment since they entered the CSL, but in the past decade, they are undoubtedly still one of the most successful clubs who have won the CSL eight times. But it’s still certain that touching the cup […]