What is going on with women’s dry and astringent eyes and black complexion? It may be that the liver is not good. Pay attention to these 5 abnormalities

In fact, women are a disadvantaged group in all aspects, and even their bodies are weaker than men, and they often suffer from some diseases, such as gynecological diseases, which are particularly common. In fact, apart from gynecological diseases, women’s liver is also prone to problems. In fact, there are many manifestations of women’s liver […]

The two disadvantages of putting your mobile phone beside your pillow when you sleep are not cancer caused by radiation, but it does harm your health

“I’ve said it a few times. Use your mobile phone less, bad eyes.” “When you sleep, don’t hold your mobile phone to play. Keep your mobile phone farther away. Don’t put it next to your pillow. There is radiation, which can cause cancer…” In life, Most people have this experience, that is, the various instructions […]

The World Cancer Agency announced the results of medical research: People with these 9 characteristics are hard to get cancer

Cancer is the world’s number one public enemy, and mankind is on the way to overcome it. According to statistics from the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) of the World Health Organization, there were approximately 18.1 million new cancer patients worldwide in 2018, and 9.6 million cancer deaths [1]. In China, there were […]

Nourishing the kidney is nourishing life, the best strategy for protecting the kidney in the new year, it is very comprehensive and practical

Reasonable diet The kidney is an important organ in the process of human nutrition metabolism, maintaining a stable environment in the body. A reasonable diet can not only improve the nutritional status of the body, but also protect the kidneys and delay the progression of kidney disease. Therefore, during the Spring Festival, faced with the […]

Staying up late for a long time not only affects the quality of sleep, but also harms your health!

Staying up late does not work and rest according to the normal time, the body’s biological clock will be out of adjustment, causing various systems in the body to work disorder, endocrine disorders. A long time not only affects the quality of sleep, but also affects physical and mental health. Physical health is affected, and […]

Can I live a long life if I live alone and work hard? 103 years old, my old woman

Most people believe that Fulu can live long. In fact, there is no absolute causality. My old woman lived 103 years old, and her husband died at the age of about 40. She took her 4 young children and lived all her life. She lived lonely, miserably, and toil, but the life expectancy of the […]

After 65 years of age, the nutrition of the elderly satisfies 6 “focuss” to eat healthy and grow old slowly

As we age, the functions of the various organs of the human body will gradually decline. According to research, more than 80% of the elderly have different degrees of nutritional problems, especially the lack of mineral elements and vitamins. These nutritional problems have become one of the main factors affecting the health of the elderly. […]

How to improve the “fear of cold” physique? Eat more spicy foods appropriately

How to improve the “fear of cold” physique? Eat more spicy foods appropriatelyEat more beef, lamb, chicken, and add warm spring onions, peppers and other condiments when cooking to promote blood circulation; fruits can eat peaches and grapes, eat less watermelons, pears, etc.; eat less cold drinks. How to improve the “fear of cold” physique? […]

Prevent Alzheimer’s disease, improve memory, start from raising the brain, doctor: Do these 3 things more every day

In recent years, senile dementia is a common problem for many elderly people. According to research surveys, there is one out of every 10 people over 65 in my country with dementia. Although modern science and technology have been very developed, there is still no good solution in this area of ​​Alzheimer’s. If the elderly […]

Middle-aged and elderly people need calcium to prevent osteoporosis! Choose the right method to increase bone mass and increase bone strength

Osteoporosis is a systemic bone metabolism disease characterized by a decrease in bone mass, which is characterized by damage to the microstructure of bone tissues, resulting in increased bone fragility and increased fracture risk. Osteoporosis can occur at all ages, but this disease is more common in the elderly, especially in menopausal women. Middle-aged and […]